Welcome everyone!

We launched this forum as a platform for Mandi stakeholders to discuss all things crypto, Indonesia, and most importantly, Mandi Token. In the coming months, we will be rolling out tons of announcements, partnerships, exchange listings, appearances, and new product features. Please feel free to test out this forum in the meantime and

Housekeeping guidelines:

  • No disrespect or name-calling: pretty self-explanatory. Be kind to expression of all participants of this forum.
  • No promoting other ICOs, referral programs, etc.: These forums are meant for discussion, and not be used as a platform to promote other investment opportunities. We will create an off-topic forum for that.
  • Feedback is always welcome: Mandi Token is continuously working to get the word out on its product offerings and business strategy in Indonesia as well as the blockchain space. We know you'll have a lot of questions to get an understanding of Mandi and what we are up to. Please feel free to ask all of your questions, and we promise to be as transparent and responsive as possible.

Enjoy! 🙏

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